ADI is committed to a comprehensive environmental management program, covering both in-plant and product life cycle activities. This program of safe environmental and sustainability practices is continuously reviewed and updated through measures applied at 3 levels.


Product Design

Steel is the main component of our products, representing 80% of the chair’s weight. We do not use any wood components in the non-visible structure. In total, 96% of the chair’s content by weight is recyclable. The components of the chair are designed to be easily disassembled; we do not use any staples on our covers. All our products are guaranteed for life and can be re-foamed on site, ensuring a longer life span.


Manufacturing process

We do not use any toxic solvents in our manufacturing process. All fumes and dusts are recovered and controlled at the factory, eliminating contaminated air emissions into the atmosphere. Industrial waste, steel, paper and cardboard are recycled with local firms.



Our purchasing is focused on components with a high recycling rate. Steel contains 35% recycled content, cardboard and packaging 90%, plastic 20% and aluminum 60%. Our fabric program includes a line made from 100% recycled materials. In total, 31% of the chair is made from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled material.



To facilitate recognition of LEED projects, the company obtains Indoor Advantage Gold certification for all its products. This certification is aligned with ANSI/BIFMA M7.1 and X7.1 and CA01350 standards.

BIFMA Level 2

ADI has several products certified Level 2 by BIFMA

Representative models have been assessed per category based on top selling models.

Social Responsability

At ADI Art Design International, we aim to offer our employees and customers a guarantee of service that includes environmental and social responsibility. We are convinced that the very essence of our work must be inspired by the principles of sustainable development.

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